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Current Registered Game List for 2002

Full Games

The 2nd Moon - Adventure: Part One - dasTOBI AS
6 Day Assassin - Mr Colossal
A Cup of Coffee is Worth a Thousand Bathroom Breaks - Squalman
A Day In The Future - Dorcan
Bert: The Newsreader - Vargtass
Billy Bob's Wild Night - Zen
Bluecup on the Run - Atle Ragnar Jarnęs
Bob's Quest - Mr. Panda
Book of Spells 4 - Spyros
Buttercup's Gone Missing - Theegamer
Calsoon 2 - Chrille
Chez Apa - Halgwet
Compensation - Bender
DemonSlayer 1 (Bert: The Super Demon Slayer Guy) - Squinky
DemonSlayer 2 - Squinky
DemonSlayer 3 - Squinky
The Digital Spell - jrp
Dnepre the Suicide Commando - Kohina
Dnepre the Suicide Commando 2 - Kohina
The Domain - Bspeers
Earwig is ANGRY! - Rodekill
Ernie's Big Adventure - Eric Moreau
Ernie's Big Adventure 2 - Eric Moreau
Escape - Me
Evil Bert - Brettsgames
Exile - JRP
Gaea Fallen - Amaranth
Grave Digger Joe - Ed20
Greg's Mountainous Adventure - LilGryphMaster
Hackenslash Island - Necro
Hampster Game - BruisedWeasel
Henkka Mini Quest - AqwellFoli
Hour Game: AGS Tech Support - CommaToes
Hour Game: Al Lowe Game - Ghormak
Hour Game: Al Lowe's Secret Island - CommaToes
Hour Game: Apple - Fuzzpilz
Hour Game: Fishing Game - Grundislav
Hour Game: Flower - MillsJRoss
Hour Game: Helium - Eggie
Hour Game: Hour Game - Grundislav
Hour Game: How to Play Badminton - The Butcher
Hour Game: Kikme Quest - Fuzzpilz
Hour Game: Kill Al Lowe - Fuzzpilz
Hour Game: LGM Game - custard
Hour Game: Pinky the Silly Alien - Trapezoid
Hour Game: Pyramid - Helm
Hour Game: Quest for the Black Diamond - Spyros
Hour Game: Toilet - CommaToes
Hour Game: Whack - CommaToes
Hour Game: Zank, Robot Boy Wonder - Matt Wilson
The Island - DimaSoftware/AJA
Isle Quest - Hudang
Java Jo's Koffee Stand! - FenderQ
The Journey Home: Part 1 - Dark Stalkey
Kidknapped - Lil Gryph Master
King's Quest II VGA - Erpy
Larrywilco - timosity
Lassi Quest - Visy
Little Jonny Evil - Das KANDYMAN
The Lost Tape - Droopy Eye
Men In Brown - Riklurt
Merry Xmas - Manu79
Mittens Murder Mystery - Grundislav
Mom's Quest - Blub
Mourir en mer - Dorcan
The Next Curse - Fidodido
Norman Cooks in Search For The Don - danny
Not Another Space Quest - AqwellFoli
The Park - Lil Gryph Master
Project Evilspy - FenderQ
Quest for Colours - HaiDang
Quikstrike89's Test Game - Quikstrike89
Record Quest - invaderbug
Rode Quest - Rodekill
RON: Cabbages and Kings - Creed Malay
RON: The Chef - Grundislav
RON: Commander Keen - dasTOBI AS
RON: Davy Jones is Back - Chas \ Charles Kelly
RON: Defender of RON - Turquoisedaffodill
RON: Intergalactic Life - dasTOBI AS
RON: Invasion of the Space Aliens Who Are Not From Earth But From Some Other Planet - Aleksandar Janjic
RON: Kittens and Cacti - Creed Malay and Denzel Quixode
RON: Mika“s Surreal Dream - dasTOBI AS
Satan Quest - Trapezoid
The Search of the Batteries - Volcan
Sir Reginald: The Tear of the God - hippie
Spacegirl - elratonperez
Star Trek: TNG - CheapAlert
The Tower - Mr. Anonymousssssssssssssss
The Trials of Odysseus Kent' - Yahtzee
Tulle's World 3 - Andail
TV Quest - Eggheadcheesybird
Wanderer - Dragonrose
Witch Night - I Eat Butter
XMAGS: Good Santa, Bad Santa - Duzz
Xmas Eve Tale - Barcik
Zak McKracken 2 - Lucasfan


1st Person RPG - JeroenDekker
2nd RPG Demo - JeroenDekker
A Flower for my Baby - xisiecle
Ace Quest 2 Demo - MillsJROSS
Alien Test Game - Mr Colossal
Aliens Inc Demo - fidodido
Artie Solomon: What Time Is It? - 2ma2
Battle Quest Battle Interface - Squalman
Burnin' Down The Castle - CUG
Bob's Quest 2 Demo - MrPanda
Bob's Quest Remake Demo - Lil Gryph Master and Mr Panda
By the Sword: CONSPIRACY - TerranRich
Curse of the Mushmuroc Castle demo - vel
The Dark Hero Demo - DGMacphee
France Quest - Ramiman
Gorthor of the Cave People - Layabout
Hood - scarletpancake
Firewall Demo - LGM
IF - Sylpher
Indiana Jones and the Lost Beer - Ubik
Inferno: The Demo Of A Rotten Bastard  - Spyros and The Butcher
Intergalactic Space Pancake Demo - FenderQ
Kinky Island - Mods
La Porte Noire - petaglair
Lassi Quest 1 Remake - Visy
Lupo Inutile - Manu
Mind Orb Demo - Robert Eric
Musical Crisis - Chikago666
Old Person's Quest - Robert Eric
Perils of Poom - M
Pezzo Bertrum and the Band That Wouldn't Die - Crash
PD - Igor
Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus - Squinky
Point Blank - Magintz
Revenants Demo - Chrille
Revenge In Parelly Point - Hudang
RON: Beach Party - Dave Gilbert
RON: Yahtzeebrand and the Lawsuit - Squalman
Search for Sanity - Tarantula
The Simpsons - Joseph DiPerla
Space 2 demo - Petergenius
Space Quest: The Goliath Series: Episode 1 - Manabilee
South Park Demo - NeoSpider
Steven Quest - Steven
The Uncertainty Machine - ratracer
Unnamed AGS project DEMO - DimaSoftware/AJA
Untitled - Ian James
Untitled Midget Game - SpeedyDerek
The Zero Hero - Magintz


AGS Background Editor - Erica McLane
AGS Draw - Mr Colossal
Anton Ulvfot's Superdisk - Vargtass
BlueGui V2 Demo - RickJ
Combat Engine - Osiris
Fly - Alegnas
Hangman - Master Fu
Holocaust - LilGryph Master
Lord of the Bytes - deltree
Lorry Loader - Monotony Inc.
Moose Wars: Desire For More Cows - Ghormak
Platformerius: The Ninja Incident - 2ma2
Shooting Game - Me
Tickle-Me-Andy - Andy Penis
WaitKey(); joke game - Erica McLane
The Wank Simulator - CUG

Full Games: 97
Demos: 49
Non-Adventures: 16

(Revised as of 23/12/2002)

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