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Registered Game List for 2001

Full Games

Aaron's Epic Journey
Ace Duswell: Where's The Ace?
Ace Quest
Alles Euro
Andy Penis's Big Adventure
ASAP Adventure
The Book of Spells I
The Book of Spells II
The Book of Spells III
Captain Disaster
The Crown of Gold
Day Of The Testicle
Dreams of Armageddon
Edge of Reality
Floyd SB
Galactic Pirates
House Quest
Hugo's House of Horrors Remake
King's Quest I VGA
Larry Vales
Larry Vales II
Lassi Quest
Lassi & Roger - Meet the God
Lassi & Roger - Venture A Bit
MAGS: The Dog Kennel
MAGS: Fad of Devil's Hash
MAGS: Highly Hip Hendrix
MAGS: I Want Candy
MAGS: The Lost Chamber
MAGS: Night of the Plumber
MAGS: Monkeyplank
MAGS: Monkeyville
MAGS: Murder at the Fish Hotel
MAGS: Sam the Pirate Monkey
MAGS: Tiny Green Piece of Crap
MAGS: The Treasure of Monkey Peninsula
MAGS: Who Killed Kenny Rogers?
Night of the Hermit
Nomedon Inc.
Novo Mestro
Orb Blanc
Permanent Daylight
Pirate Fry
Pizza Quest
Pleurghburg: Dark Ages
Quest for Glory 4.5
The Quest for My Raincoat
Ralph's Adventure
Red Flagg
The Retards Game
Richard Longhurst and the Box that Ate Time
Rob Blanc I
Rob Blanc II
Rob Blanc III
Robert Redford Saves The Day
Robert Redford Saves The Day 2
Rode Kill
RON: Blastoff!
RON: Davy Jones C'est mort
RON: Edge of Reality
RON: Fowl Play
RON: Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman
RON: I Spy
RON: I Spy 2
RON: Lunchtime of the Damned
RON: The Lost Treasure of RON
RON: Monty on the Norm
RON: Nightwatch
RON: Nihilism
RON: Paranormal Investigation
RON: The Postman Only Dies Once
RON: Repossessor
RON: Return of Die Vie Ess
RON: The Soviet Union Strikes Again
RON: The Universal Equaliser
RON: Vengeance of the Chicken
Slacker Quest
Snail Quest 1
Snail Quest 2
Snail Quest 3
Tale of Roland
Tulle's World Part 1
Tulle's World Part 2
Ultimerr XXII


A Christmas Tale Demo
A Day In School Demo
The Beginning of the End Demo
Castle Quest Demo
Crime Time Demo
Dark Sects
Dead Quest
Deepbright Demo
Demo Quest
Dimensia Demo
Dirk Chafberg Demo
Dom Johnson
El Burro demo
The Enchanted Lake Demo
Equally Insane
Evil Eddy Demo
Eyes of the Jade Sphinx Alpha Demo
Fred/Space Demo
Garfield Demo
Grandfather's Treasure Demo
The Gold Medallion
Hero 6 Demo
Huckllebury Hippie Demo
Indiana Jones and the Gold Medallion
The Invisible Machine DEMO
The Journey Home Demo
Larry 4
Larry Vales III demo
Lassi Quest 2 Movie
Lee & Perrin Demo
Life of Death Demo
Lou Marlou Demo
MAGS: Adventure Noir
MAGS: James Bondage
MAGS: Pixely Pete and the Schpeitzfeld mansion
Max The Dark Hero old version
Modern American
Nicholas Wolfe Demo
Quirk Pantaloon Demo
Ralph's Adventure 2 Demo
Rock Quest Demo
South Park Demo
Space Quest 4 Remake
Spongebob Squarepants Demo
Star Spoof Demo
Tearaway Island preview
Ultimerr XXXIV Demo
The Vestibule Demo
The Wambus Demo
Warrior of Might Demo


AGS Black Jack
Fight Quest
Little Willy's Darts Game
Little Willy's Shotgun Fun Zone
Mid-Town Shootout

Full Games: 90
Demos: 53
Non-Adventures: 6

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