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Nominating AGS Games for 2003 ceremony

There are only a few simple steps for nominating your favourite 2002 AGS Games. It's easy as A-B-D!

Step 1. Read the AGS Awards Guidelines to understand the process of each category. Once you have done that, load up an AGS Forum Instant Message to me by clicking here.

Step 2. Select and Copy all the categories below and paste them into the Message Box.:

1. Best Game Created with AGS

2. Best Gameplay in an AGS Game

3. Best Story in an AGS Game

4. Best Dialogue Scripting in an AGS Game

5. Best Puzzles in an AGS Game

6.Best Player Character in an AGS

7. Best Supporting Character in an AGS

8. Best Room Art in an AGS Game

9. Best Character Art in an AGS Game

10. Best Animation in an AGS Game

11. Best Music in an AGS Game

12. Best Sound Effects in an AGS Game

13. Best Scripting in an AGS Game

14. Best AGS Documentation

15. Best Utility/Application

16. Best Demo created in AGS

17. Best Non-Adventure Games created in AGS

18. The P3N1S Award (Booby Prize)

Step 3. After each category, write up to 10 different games per category. You do not need to fill each category. You can have anywhere from zero to ten games per category. For a list of games, open this page. Most of the games can be downloaded from the AGS Announcements Forum.

Note: For Categories 6 and 7, please also include the names of the characters you are nominating. For category 16, you may choose any utility or application that was used/developed for AGS games production. For more infomation, see the guidelines.

Step 4. Double-check your entries and click on the Send button in the Instant Message. Done! You've now nominated your favourite games