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Registering your AGS Game

Chances are, your game is already registered. All you have to do is post it to the AGS Announcements forum, and I'll add it during the year.

However, sometimes I accidently miss games that have been posted. If I've updated the registration list and missed your game, send me an Instant Message with your game registration.

AGS Game registration requires two things:

(1) The name of your game.
(2) The category of game.

There are three categories of AGS Games: Full Game, Demo, and Non Adventure. Full games are eligible for all main awards, while demos and non-adventures are eligible for their specific categories. To find out more information about each category, click here.

Click on the link below and tell me the name of your game and the game's category:

Instant Message your registration

To see the list of registered games, click here.

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